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Buying Your First Home? Know These 3 Things

I love working with first-time home buyers. Helping you find your first home, learn the home buying process, and guiding you from house-hunting to move-in day gives me the warm fuzzies. Here are three things you should know before you start looking. 1. Work with one


Understanding Home Equity

Home equity…Everybody wants it, but what exactly is it, and how do you get it? Equity represents the degree of ownership an individual or entity has in an asset after subtracting any debts against the asset. To say someone shares equity in a company means they


Considering Short-Term Rentals?

Considering Short-Term Rentals? Short-term rentals can be a highly lucrative investment and a fun way to make money. Some of the advantages to managing a short-term rental property include: 1. Your tenants are generally excited to be at your vacation property and may not require as much


What to Check on Your Final Walk-Through

What to Check on Your Final Walk-Through The final walk-through on your new home is an exciting event. It means you have successfully maneuvered through negotiations, inspections, and financing approval, and are on the verge of signing your closing papers. Most buyers attend the final walk-through


April Blog

Ready to buy your first home in Oregon in 2022? Greg Lawler Real Estate specializes in helping first-time home buyers like you find their dream property throughout the state of Oregon. Before you start searching for homes online, it's important to take the first step to